My favorite disneybound of the trip was definitely Winnie the Pooh. He is one of my favorite Disney characters and the only one I stayed loyal to in my anti-Disney (gasp!) phase in grade school. (yes, it happened, and I am not proud of it.) 

I altered this dress specifically so I could wear it when I met Pooh at WDW. I hadn’t worn it since my 8th grade graduation. My mom made it for me after I won both the spelling bee and the geography bee in 8th grade. (yes, it happened, and I am proud of it.) I haven’t had much money to spend on clothes recently so I have been going through my pack rat closet to rediscover items that might have come back into fashion or that I can alter or repurpose. I was so glad I found this dress! My mom was so excited that I was wearing it again. Luckily, it was easily altered; I just had to let out the top a bit. (my poor 14 year old self and her A cup!)

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